About Me

My fascination with wood began years ago as a hobby. Turning a hobby into wood art was a long road which took a lot of trial and error to make progress. Having always held an interest within the world of art it was a natural step to push woodworking in order to create a new value in art.

After simple engraving I moved into wood carving. The contrast which wood can give with stain and its natural beauty creates a perfect wood canvas. As development of my skills continued I began to explore many other opportunities for artwork.

I found an affinity for box art. It is more of a keepsake box for special moments in life that can last for generations. Perfecting this art form took time as it evolved to have unique features such as solid wood hinges. Box art is one of my passions to make.

Stepping into the art world is like stepping into an ocean. You become surrounded by a world of talented people as well as the mass produced big name items. I turned to create a blog where I can help other artists.

As time moves forward I hope to present new art forms as I perfect them. Also I hope to make many friends along the way in helping others within the sea of the world of art.

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